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Over 1 million push notifications each year

Quick & easy setup. No GPS required

Why use Bus Status

Send bus updates instantly to
the app on parents' phones

Easily update buses as on time, delayed, or cancelled 

Reduce administrative load
during inclement weather 

Free app download for parents and
students. No login required!

Bus Status webpage integrates
with your district websites

Share updates instantly to
Twitter and Facebook 

A few of our clients

For us parents who have limited time to get our kids on and off the bus, it’s good to know when it’s going to get there.

- CBS, Minnesota

Bus Status is a significant improvement in our ability to communicate about bus delays.

- Troy Schreifels, Assistant Director of Facilities and Transportation Operations

Osseo Area Schools

WRPS bus app eases parents worries

- Wetaskiwin Times

It’s how the modern age is working. Everybody wants to have as much information at their fingertips as possible and we’re happy to be able to provide that with the bus app.

- David Shaw, Transportation Services Supervisor

Palliser Regional Schools

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